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NITLE Conference: LMS at LAC : 9 (open support model) November 2, 2006

Posted by ficial in conference, LMSLAC2006.

“World-Wide Support: The Moodle Model of Community” by Randy Thorton of University of Puget Sound

  • question: what does ‘support’ mean? [not any one answer, figure out all your relevant definitions when discussing the topic]
  • interesting observations about the pre-conference survey:
    • question 3, on importance during LMS selection, support is at the bottom
    • question 12, leading concern about current LMS, support is at the top
    • question 17, the most time-consuming part of support is training and course set up
  • consider two axes of support
    • horizontal- peer-to-peer help/suggestions
    • vertical- expert-to-general-user-to-new-user
  • [I don’t remember whether Randy mentioned this or it was just a random idea in my notes, but a third axis to consider (depth, perhaps) is developer-to-system-admin-to-course-admin-to-student]
  • [the rest of my notes and memories of this talk are a little vague, but I think the main point was that there should be a community of people focused on user support that’s at least as strong as that focusing on technical support and development. ]


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