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NITLE Conference: LMS at LAC : 14 (moodle exchange) November 16, 2006

Posted by ficial in conference, LMSLAC2006.

“NITLE Moodle Exchange” by Mark Pearson of Earlham, Barry Bandstra of Hope, and Barron Koralesky of Macalester

[I have no specific notes at all about this session. From what I remember it was three somewhat divergent ideas all grouped together under the general heading of Moodle.

The three ideas as I remember them are:

  • a technical support group, so people can help each other with getting (and keeping) moodle up and running
  • a technical development group, so people can collaborate on creating customizations and extensions
  • a pedagogical support/development group, so people can help each other figure out the best ways to use all the new tools that are available

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this other than it seems like a fine idea and would probably be worth getting involved for any schools that’s using or considering moodle.

The latter point is interesting in that it’s not necessarily moodle specific. Many of the LMS have the same functionality and differ largely ‘only’ in UI and extensibility. So, probably worth getting involved there for anyone using any LMS.]



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