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Bryan Alexander speaks at Williams March 1, 2007

Posted by ficial in web 2.0.

Bryan Alexander came to the college today to give a pair of very good talks. If you have a chance to attend any of his presentations or classes I highly recommend it.

The first was a lunch talk on Web 2.0 and Pedagogy. It was aimed in large part at faculty, but we had a number of attendees from administrative departments as well. I think it gave people a good idea of what is Web 2.0 and why they should care, but we’ll have to wait and see what the actual response is. I expect we’ll get som faculty wanting to create blogs or start wikis for collaborative writing projects. At the very least it will serve as a good common basis for discussing blog policy on campus (most or all of the concerned parties made it to the talk).

The second was a follow-up in the early afternoon. The audience here was mostly technology people of various flavors (from a technophilic reference librarian to people in our media services group to public affairs web folks). This second talk was more interactive, with people asking questions as it went along and with the focus changing based on what people were asking about. Also, it dealt a bit more with tools and examples than theory. It was a great survey of what tools and technologies we would (or will, more likely) be dealing with as Web 2.0 sensibilities penetrate further into the academic world.

Bryan really makes me want to do and think more about web 2.0 (and game) stuff. But then there’s all this othe stuff I want to do with my time, not to mention things like my job which keeps me in paycheck. Choices, choices….



1. Bryan Alexander - March 3, 2007

Thank you for the nice summary and comments! I’m happy to speak with anyone interested in Web 2.0 and teaching, and delighted to learn of any projects.

Here’s a link to the slide stack I drew on for the noon talk:

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