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House Building Saga, Part the First December 6, 2009

Posted by ficial in house building.

We’re building a house. After quite literally years of planning and preparation, tomorrow we’ll be on site and putting up timbers. It’s a bit unreal.

Last night we had the first snow fall of the season. The weather has been fantastic these past 4 weeks for getting the foundation and other site work done, so I don’t begrudge winter a bit of precipitation. However, I’m really hoping it doesn’t get too bad in the next few weeks.

Today we went to the site and cleaned up the snow a bit, sadly too late in the day for the sun to melt the rest. However, I think we got enough that when it warms up tomorrow we’ll be doing well. The plan for tomorrow is planning and experimentation and preparation, then actually putting up some posts and beams. Ideally by the end of tomorrow we’ll have a rigid, trued sub-structure from which we can grow the rest of the building.

Designing and building a house requires an astonishing rate and range of active decision making. For many things in life, if one fails to make a specific choice, time goes on and by default things happen. In building a house, if many decisions are not made, the whole process (except for that having to pay someone some amount of money) basically grinds to a halt until those issues are resolved.

Tomorrow is a big day. We’re both eager, and a little trepidatious.



1. Bryan Alexander - December 12, 2009

How awesome, Chris. Good luck! Keep us posted (hee).

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