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House Building Saga, Part the Fourth December 10, 2009

Posted by ficial in house building.

This will be brief, because it’s late and tomorrow starts very early.

Only two of the professional crew on site today – the others were on a job in South county. Luckily we have fantastic friends and two of them showed up today to help. We did a lot of heavy lifting today, first of snow to clear the site after last night’s storm, then of heavy timbers to make the relevant pieces accessible.

Work was slow and cold. We had to be very careful of ice on the beams, and any mortise we wanted to use had to be carefully chipped and scraped free of ice. The temperature ranged from cold-but-pretty-nice to cold-and-painful. The atmosphere ranged from sunny to snow flurries. The site was beautiful in all cases.

We put up three rafters, 4 joists (one longitudinal and its three associated transverse), 2 posts (though one will probably come down to be fixed – it seems to be missing a tenon/spline), and half way to two more rafters (lifted to the right level, but not actually set in place). We also pegged quite a few joints. Overall, satisfyingly productive.

Too late to load pictures tonight, so those will wait. I’m not looking forward to the COLD weather predicted for tomorrow.



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