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House Building Saga, Part the Sixth December 12, 2009

Posted by ficial in house building.

It was all-amateur day on the construction site today! Quite reasonably (and because we have NO desire to pay overtime), the pros were not on the site today. Instead, two friends showed up for the day and another two more for the afternoon and we Got Stuff Done. Mainly, we put a lot of wood in the air.

The main house area is split lengthwise about 2/5 of the way from the back to the front. There’s a line of beams that runs along that line, topped with the largest pieces in the house, the 6″x14″x16′ main purlins. From those purlins rafters go down towards the back of the house and up towards the front. We got all the back rafters in place today except for one on the end, which will wait until we’re dealing with temporary shelter area. This wasn’t too big a job as many were already there, but we lifted 4 today and set 6 (the ones we lifted, plus two more from earlier).

Then the real work began. All the rafters going to the front are about 50% longer than the back ones, and also seemed generally more likely to be made of dense heartwood, or perhaps just filled with lead or something. The upshot is they are much heavier than the shorter back rafters, probably about twice the weight in many cases. We lifted 12 of them up to the second floor level, so they’re both staged for eventual placement and out of the way of the ground work. We are extremely lucky to have such generous and helpful friends…. who seem to get a real thrill out of lifting big, heavy things.

We contemplated setting up the second floor section by the [future] stairs, but ran out of time. We got the basics of the layout done, then decided discretion was the better part of both valor and daylight and so covered everything and cleaned up the site for Monday’s work.



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