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House Building Saga, Part the Eighth December 15, 2009

Posted by ficial in house building.

Holy cow a lot got done today! Partly it was a matter of taking advantage of a lot of prep work of the previous few days, partly things went quickly because we brought a truck in for the 3 really big lifts, and partly the crew was just especially energetic today (probably helped that they didn’t have to spend too much energy lifting three huge timbers 20 feet in the air).

We got a fair bit or rain in the morning, but by noon it had mostly cleared up except for one last, small shower that got us after lunch. The air temperature wasn’t too bad, but everyone was pretty thoroughly soaked early on. The ground got pretty muddy, but we’re expecting it to freeze good and solid tonight, and if not then certainly by Thursday when the temperature really plummets.

Amy and I mostly did smaller chores around the site today while the pros did a lot of fast work and heavy lifting. It was definitely one of those situations where we could have done it ourselves, but it would have been a lot slower and probably not as safe. So, instead we re-seated a few rafters, wiped things down, fetched, braced, and assisted where possible, and generally tried to keep things running smoothly with out getting in the way. This made for a relatively light day in terms of physical labor for us (for which my back is very grateful), but still a tiring one from the wet and cold environment.

The crew pushed on a good 45 minutes past the normal quitting time, and by the end of the day all the high rafters were in place. At this point only the porch and activity room remain to be framed. The porch has a few complications, but the activity room is nice and straight forward. We’ll tackle those tomorrow and possibly Thursday, and after that we put up roof boards.



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