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Infrahyperia: The Quest for the Separated Socks January 10, 2010

Posted by ficial in games, RPG.

I just finished running a one-shot and had a lot of fun with it.


The realm of Infrahyperia is people by the fey folk.

Items from Mundaril have significant power in Infrahyperia, and so gates that allow retrieval of such items are important.

Gates can be opened into the Mundaril world (i.e. our world) only where there is a gate connector. There are two kinds of gates, natural and built. Natural gate connectors work if a believer (someone who believes fairies exist) has passed by and noticed them recently enough. These natural gate connectors are tied to specific locations in Infrahyperia, and those locations are hotly contested. Built gate connectors are quite ephemeral. They occur when someone in our world has built a gate connector, i.e. a fairy/spirit house. The person must be old enough to build a spirit house, and young enough to believe in fairies. The connector is active only from sundown of the day it is built until the immediately following sunrise. Most royal houses in Infrahyperia have a roving launch gate, which can connect to any built gate connector. However, there is no control as to where it connects – when used, it opens a gate to… somewhere.

The once-mighty empire of Canasta is these days sorely pressed. Over the last 20 years they have steadily lost ground to varoius neighbors: the Maosists and their Red-Cap army, the Pseudoscientalogicalistas, and the Smurfs. The Honored Queen Feisty Prettygoodniks Cactus Snickerdoodle Pajamarama-Hearts the IX recently managed to negotiate at least a temporary peace with the Pseudoscientalogicalistas, and the Smurfs, but the Red-Cap Army is still pressing hard. It’s been two years since Canasta last controlled a permanent gate, and some critical supplies are running low. The army of Canasta just successfully defended an important glitter pond, but at great cost. In the final moments of the battle an elite Red-Cap squad made a final charge at the command position, and Queen Feisty was gravely injured by a set of Mundaril nail-clippers. The high nobles of Canasta defeated the Red-Cap elites (and thus broke the enemy’s morale) and rushed the Queen back to the Hearts castle.

If Queen Feisty passes away the treaties with the Pseudoscientalogicalistas and the Smurfs are automatically dissolved, just at a time when Canasta is especially vulnerable. This presents a grave problem for Canasta, because the wound was inflicted by a weapon of cold-forged Mundaril iron, and the Queen has been infected by its poison. Normally a medicinnaman would be able to use a separated sock of Mundaril to draw the poison back to its own world, but Canasta hasn’t had a separated sock since shortly after it lost control of its last permanent gate.

In desperation, the chief Divinatrix designed and performed a long, complex ritual to see if she could find a way out of this problem. After several days of chanting, screams, and moans, the Divinatrix determined that exactly 4 nights hence the Pajamarama-Hearts roving gate launch would connect to a place where socks could be found, separated, and returned to Canasta. The court Astrologicians also determined that it would be be mid-summer night in Mundaril, and so anything retried at that time would be especially potent. However, the vision had a murkiness that indicated complication and probably interference from opposing Divinatrices.

So, a call went out across all of Canasta for heroes to volunteer for this dangerous mission to Mundaril. They’re job is to travel to Mundaril 4 nights hence, find as many pairs of fancy socks as they can (preferably fresh from a dryer), and bring one sock of each pair back to Infrahyperia.


  • Boys are green, girls are blue. They, like all fey of Inf. are about 2″ high. Average move is 12″.
  • All have wings, though they only have limited flying ability – typically they can fly (at 18″) up to 6 rounds (up to 4 continuous) in any given hour long period.
  • All have low-light vision
  • Boys get +2 str, +1 int. Girls get +1 cha, +1 wis, +1 con, +1 dex.
  • Boys can cause Fog Cloud, Glitter Dust, and Stinking Cloud (CL 5) each 1/day
  • Girls can cause Grease and Confusion (CL 7) each 1/day
  • All distances and area effects convert to fey-scale at 5′ = 2″
  • Canastan fey find milk and cream to be powerful drugs; they’re simultaneously euphoric, aphrodisiac, mildly hallucinogenic, and moderately addictive


  • Grand Mocha-Latte Frappachino – Level 7 Cleric of Titania (Trickery and Luck domains) – Boy
    Grand is his title
    Special Powers – each 1/day (CL = char level): Cure Minor Wound, Guidance, Resistance, Bless
  • Jaemi Jollybell McSchrodinger – Level 6 Paladin of Oberon – ?
    Wears a skilt – part skirt, part kilt
    Is aqua – looks more blue in some lights, and more green in others
    Currently is the bearer of the Blessed Curse of the McSchrodingers – while its gender is unknown it has the powers of both boys and girls, but if ever anyone observes it to be one gender of the other it loses about half its power and simulataneously the mighty McSchrodinger’s Beast appears and attacks. The Jollybells acquired the Blessed Curse, and their current surname, ages ago as a result of playing a prank on a powerful Mundaril being.
    Its mount is a persistent, smoky zephyr named Patchouli. When riding Patchouli, Jaemi can fly indefinitely.
  • Rose Audobuir – Level 7 Ranger – Girl
    Bow ranger
    Bow is +1 and can cast Magic Missile (CL = character) 1/hour
    Special Power – Expeditious Retreat (CL 1) 1/hour
  • Lymphorya Needlewell – Level 7 Rogue – Girl
    Dresses largely in form-fitting black
    Special Power – Invisibility up to 40 rounds a day, divided as desired (standard action to activate)
  • Hawkingstein Vosavont Wiles – Level 6 Wizard: Illusionist (no necromancy, no evocation) – Boy
    Special Power – Daze Monster (CL 5) 1/hour
    Special Power – Suggestion (CL 5) 1/day


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