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House Building Saga, Part the Thirteenth March 1, 2010

Posted by ficial in house building.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the house building project. It’s still going on, but we’re less directly involved in it lately. At the end of December we headed back to our regular jobs while the professional crew continued work on the house. On the one hand it’s sad not to be on site as it’s going together, and on the other there was some nasty weather we were happy to miss (the pros have the gear for and acclimation to it, our poor desk-job selves do not).

It being a construction project, there of course have been some snags and delays. The wall panels arrived about a month late (there were problems a couple of stages up in the supply chain), and some other minor things. However, it’s still going smoothly over all. At this point the roof is up, the walls are up, and the windows are going in. The temporary heater has been hooked up and we’re pumping heat into the sand bed in preparation for pouring the slab (probably 10-14 days from now, depending on the weather and how quickly the sand heats).

I’ve been a little frustrated by some aspects of the project. There are a couple of major, hard-to-impossible-to-change things that I don’t like about it. On the one hand, realistically reality never matches the ideal vision. On the other, one of the biggest reasons for building a house from scratch is to avoid the issue of “I like the house, but I wish they’d done X differently”. The grating part is that in each case someone talked us out of our original plan, and with the wisdom of hindsight our original plan would have been much better. There are a lot of things I like about the house, and I try to focus on those things, but it’s still a bit depressing. On the plus side, I’m glad we stuck to our guns on the points we did – they turned out both as envisioned and well.

Spring is coming, and with it both light and optimism. It looks like a real, if unfinished, house now. I can believe the we’ll actually be moving into it someday. I’m looking forward to our longer term plans for the place – a green house, a workshop/garage, gardens, fruit trees, trails in the woods, and other fun things.



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