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Web Games and Images for them February 5, 2013

Posted by ficial in computer games, games, IP issues, javascript, techy.

Recently I participated in the Innovate Game Jam (I did the Pro16 format) organized by Morgan McGuire. It was much fun to work with such a short time frame – it gave me freedom to just Make It Work rather than worrying too much about broader architecture and maintenance issues (which I do a LOT of in my regular job). Plus, I got a working game out of it – Explosion Golf! I enjoyed the game enough that I’ve continued work on it after the jam. I am continually impressed with what can be done with javascript these days.

One of the issues I ran into with the game was finding freely available art assets. I was able to get a few things from SpriteLib and OpenGameArt.org, and a few more by starting with CC licensed photos on flickr and modifying the heck out of them, but one of the items I had an especially difficult time getting was a simple, top-down walking animation sprite. I did find one that I was comfortable using during development, but I got no response from the creator when I contacted them about official licensing / permission. So, I recently buckled down and hacked together my own 8-frame, top-down walking image series

avatar - top-down 8-frame waling animation

which I’m releasing under the Creative Commons license (attribution required, derivs OK, commercial use OK) in case anyone else out there has run into a similar difficulty. It’s far from perfect, but it’s good enough to get the job done if you’re working under extreme budget and time-frame limitations.



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