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In and not in my head March 27, 2015

Posted by ficial in brain dump.

One of the things I find especially challenging is pushing things from the world inside my mind to the world outside (the so-called ‘real world’). I grapple with understanding the factors that affect the difficulty of enacting that transition (I’m guessing most people are always dealing with that one way or another, if not always so explicitly). The, for want of a better word, size of something is sometimes an issue, but at other times seems to be irrelevant. In some instances it feels easy to build, enact, enable, do for long duration and at large scale to make whatever is in my mind exist outside of it. In other cases simply writing or speaking even a single sentence is insurmountable, and not due to any particular content of the sentence – it’s just that the energy, or whatever, required to breach reality’s barrier is beyond what I can achieve.

One of the reasons that I like working with / on computers is that (for me) at times they make that process at least a bit easier, though certainly not always nor for everything. I also find talking and working with people can be similar for me in this respect – in addition to new insights, viewpoints, skills, load-sharing, etc. that other people bring, the active presence of and interaction with other people makes it easier for me to make things ‘real’. The word ‘real’ is in quotes there because it’s not quite the word I want, but I can’t find any closer one. Whatever-it-is is already real in my mind. All that making it ‘really real’ does is allow others (people or things, sentient or otherwise) to experience/use/understand/interact-with it as well.

There are many directions this sort of thinking can go: communication is/as action/creation and vice versa, the observer-influenced/determined nature of reality, the limits and conditions of transitions, the relation between stories and art and math, energy gradients and tunneling, memes and the noosphere, mind-body duality as a limited view on a line that goes further in both directions, the characteristics and ‘cardinalities’ of multiverses, and so on …but hauling more of it out and/or in any kind of detail is more than I can do right now). My questions / discussion points for the moment are: why is it sometimes so easy and sometimes so hard, and what can I (or, more to the point, anyone) do change/control that?



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