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Mastery levels of programming December 16, 2015

Posted by ficial in brain dump, techy.

Programming language and/or framework levels/stages of understanding/mastery:

  1. black box – little to no understanding
  2. code comprehension – can look at source code and understand what a given piece of code is doing
  3. code adjustment – can make small changes to source code to adjust existing behaviors
  4. program comprehension – can look at a collection of code and understand (roughly) what the program does and how it works
  5. program adjustment – can alter the behavior of the program as a whole
  6. program extension / code creation – can add new behavior to an existing program
  7. program creation – can write a new program from scratch
  8. code evaluation – can distinguish between good and bad code (and why)
  9. program evaluation – can distinguish between good and bad program design choices (and why)
  10. meta evaluation – can discern the areas/ways in which the language/framework is good and bad (and why)
  11. meta adjustment – can make changes to the language / framework
  12. meta creation – create new language / framework

Also, this is worth a read: https://www.reddit.com/r/math/comments/1mtian/mathematicians_of_reddit_is_there_some_point/cccitg2



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